Strategic thinking
& big experience

Web development

Our developers don’t pay attention only to the specification of a given project. We believe that the comprehensiveness of our solutions ensures 100% success for our clients. That’s why, when we develop a given application we focus on your business goals.

You can be sure that once we discover some better solutions, we’ll inform you about them.
Throughout many years, we’ve developed the most effective processes of developing applications based on Agile methodology. We build one of the most technologically advanced applications. Our applications are scalable and written in such a way that it is possible to expand them by adding additional functionalities and platforms to them.


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Mobile Development

Our developers comprise world-class specialists who write applications
in React Native.

Specialisation in React Native allows us to create fantastic applications on iOS and Android.
Check out why the choice of React Native is most
favourable for you.

Creative design

Our designers will, step by step, guide you through the entire creative process. While designing different products, we always pay particular attention to deliver value for your clients and your business. This is why UX is so crucial. We focus on details, bearing in mind the entire product at the same time.

Before we deliver our amazing projects, we conduct comprehensive research on your business.

Why you should hire us?

Fixed Price

From the very beginning you know how much you’ll pay for a particular scope of works. You’ll receive a detailed cost calculation from us. We always offer a possibility to combine Fixed Price with Time & Material, which will ensure flexibility relating to introducting changes in your project.

Time & Material

We will calculate the number of hours worked on the basis of hourly timesheets of tasks which were conducted in reality. You have access to the report at any time. You’ll be able to check what a given programmer did according to hours and tasks.

Huge outsourcing capabilities

Our programmers have worked on numerous different projects. Thanks to this, they’re able to quickly adapt to different requirements and new workflow.

How our process of „hirring a programmer” look like?

  • You request for a programmer with particular skills.
  • We send you a given programmer’s CV.
  • You conduct an interview.
  • Following your acceptance, an appropriate programmer is assigned to your project
Settlements with our company are 100% transparent. Settlements are conducted on the basis of a timesheet relating to the performed tasks which you may refer to at any time.

Send us a message and tell us who you are looking for?